Freak of the Week: February 8 – 14, 2009


Congratulations go this week to Anonymum. This week with a crack of the wit and a crack of the whip, she captured the illustrious title of Freak of the Week. Now on to the ode.

For Anonymum

From the Land Down Under

She makes us all wonder

Just what the fuck will next she say

Whatever it is, it will be done just her way.

Will it be sweet or will it be witty?

Will she play nice or give someone the  shitty?

Whatever it is it will be spot on for sure

That is her charm and that’s her allure.


5 Responses to “Freak of the Week: February 8 – 14, 2009”

  1. BTW, I remembered that Anonypop liked the pic. So I hope everyone is pleased.

  2. True Aussie genius!!!!!

  3. Well I’m pleased with my little ode let me tell you!!
    Smiling broadly here….
    Thnaks hon!! You’re a doll!!! Let me see if I can find a bottle of tequila with your name on it shall I???
    Mark is cacking himself over the pic!! Says it’s very appropriate!!

  4. Congrats A-mum! That was another most awesome ode from Evyl. I loved it!

  5. She’s one in a million, that’s for sure – love this part of your blog! Great ode to a great woman! xoxoxoxo

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