Freak Of The Week: December 14 – 20, 2008

Wayne John with style and flair captured the coveted Freak of the Week title with this explanation of the perfect gift to give Santa to ensure maximum presents.

A bondage horse, a full array of dildos, oils and lubes, 9 fine maidens, 8 filthy whores, 7 slutty tramps, 6 bitches boinking, 5 Golden Rains! 4 titties touching, 3 french hens, 2 aspirin, and a penis in case his don’t work.

Santa just has to be pleased with that. Now on to my ode to the Freak.

For Wayne John

An anti-social social network guru

Try humming that three times fast on a kazoo.

His avatars a green goggled cat.

I wonder if he has made it into a homemade tat

But where would you put a tat like that.

I would not put it on a shaven head

A dog might get pissed and chew it dead.

Perhaps he could put it on his wang

Perhaps that would be just the thang.

That might be like a pleasant dream

To have your cat lick up some cream.

Congrats Wayne John and as the Duke said, “If you’ve got them by the balls their hearts and minds will follow.” And your entry really had it by the balls.


2 Responses to “Freak Of The Week: December 14 – 20, 2008”

  1. LOL. I love how you personalize these odes so perfectly, Evyl! Nice job.

  2. Talented men. Makes my thighs wet. 🙂

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