Freak Of The Week: October 5-11, 2008

This week finds the first repeat Freak of the Week Winner. The delightfully wicked Anja, with her winning ways pulled out the coup de grace with the freakiest drunken poem. So here is my little homage to the awesomeness that is Anja.

For Anja

I went to your page for inspirational muse

I couldn’t think of squat, I had nothing to lose.

I squandered my best shit on your last little ode

I thought and I drank and I belched like a toad.

And what to my wandering eyes did see.

A kilt in the air and an ass flying free.

A few demon spawn and a spider or four

And a couple of wanna be skanks dressed up all like whores.

It’s nice to have you back from your nice little rest.

Don’t look back for the future is best.

Your Freak of the Week for yet another day.

Your a Freak for all time and we love it that way.

Now I would ask that everyone go visit Anja and congratulate her on a job well done. And remember there is always next week and you are all freaks of the week in my eyes.


3 Responses to “Freak Of The Week: October 5-11, 2008”

  1. That’s beautiful, Evyl.

  2. Anja deserves to be Freak of the Week! She is a badass little wonder, isn’t she? It’s why we love her!

  3. Congrats to Anja, the all-time freak! 🙂 P.S. – another great ode by Evyl.

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