Freak Of The Week: July 28-August 3, 2008

This week’s winner was an overwhelming choice by the readers. The outcry was monumental and could not be ignored. Congratulations go to Ozymandaiz for his wonderful response to the question, ‘Why do you deserve to be Freak of the Week?’ Here is his great entry:

So it is asked of me why I should be the freak of the week
And so my reply to the question why is not for the meek
If you didn’t know it I am a poet though this in its self is not strange
Things I have written have well been smitten with that of the deranged
Yes, I’ve written about sex but one would expect that from any ‘ol perv
But how about a creep having sex with sheep
Oh, I have the nerve
So I shall continue in the venue and list my qualifications
I’ve written about shit
I mean literally “shit” in various scatifications
Shit that is funny
Shit that is runny, the kind that slides down your leg
Shit made of air, shit in my hair
Shit in the shape of an egg
I have written about my trouser trout and the odd paces it has been
Holes in trees and hives of bees and places so slimy and green
I have written of the anal love I received from alien beings
How I wish I were dreaming of the sasquatch reaming in a deep forest rape scene
I’ve written odes to snot and various rot that shows up in places not good
About poodles shaved and the things depraved I have done with various food
Of where I have cum and what I wiped it on, oh the places I masturbate
Of showers of gold and armpit mold and watching horses ejaculate
So yes I am strange and quite deranged and professional help I should seek
But in the mean time be ever so kind and elect me as freak of the week

Now that is freaky. What to do as an ode to the Wizard of Freakishness, Ozy? How about a little ditty sung to the tune of the Wizard of Oz?

We’re Off To See The Freakshow

We’re off to see the Freakshow

The Freakshow known as the Oz

We hear that he is a freak of a freak

If ever a freak there was.

If ever, oh ever, a freak there was

Then Oz is one because

Because, because, because, because, because

Because of the freaky shit he does

We’re off to see the Freakshow

The Freakshow known as the Oz.

Now head on over and visit the Freakshow known as the Oz. He’s also rico suave but without Gerardo’s greasy hair.


6 Responses to “Freak Of The Week: July 28-August 3, 2008”

  1. wwwwhooooooootttt!!! clapping and wolf whistling!!! Nicely done Evyl-delish! And yes, Ozy-love is quite the most fabulous freak of all. Well, aside from you of course. 😀

  2. Believe you me, when I had hair, it was greasy. For that matter the hair I do have (in places the sun don’t shine) is plenty greasy enough.
    Thanks to all my loyal supporters who know a TRUE freak when they see one.


  3. Great freak poem! Nice job, Evyl! I love ones that I can sing along to. LOL.

  4. There really was no competition after that entry!

    Loved your song Evyl… is it just coincedence that The Wizard of Oz was on TV this weekend?

  5. That Ozzzzy is a freaky one . . one reason I love ’em so.
    Great lil’ ditty, Evyl.
    You both fucking rock.

  6. evyl!! now you have the song in my head, but the actual wizard version..

    ill get you !! and your little doggie too!!!*waves fist violently*

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