Freak of The Week: July 14 – 20, 2008

This weeks Freak is the wonder of the comment box and one of the best purveyors of sick and twisted e-mails that I have ever had the pleasure to have known. I am proud to give him the limelight this week that he so richly deserves. Congratulations Anonypop, you are truly a Freak for all seasons. Now here my little ode to your brilliance.

For Anonypop

No one can send an e-mail quite like you

From Angel’s with Droopy Boobs to Jesus Pissing On His crew.

But you might have missed your calling as a Country Music Star

Traveling town to town at honkey tonks and bars

I am glad to know you and count you as a Friend and freak,

I have a simple piece of advice for I know of what I speak.

If Maureen is like my wife and you see the glitter in her eye,

Step quietly my friend or you will surely die.

Congratulations again Anonypop. You are truly a king among freaks. I encourage everyone to go and visit Anonymum and wish her words of encouragement. And click the pic to see it do it’s thing.  


4 Responses to “Freak of The Week: July 14 – 20, 2008”

  1. O.M.G!
    I’ve created a fucking monster!
    I’ve been trying to convince him he needs to start a blog…if he only ever posted the damned jokes he has it would be a best seller!
    He’s currently in bed asleep, but has a nice little surprise waiting for him in the morning!
    Thanks for the link darlin’’re the best!
    That damned GIF is one he sent you I’m willing to bet???

  2. That pic is hilarious! Congrats to the freak!

  3. Awesome poem, as usual. I love how you personalize these things. The Jesus pic is too funny.

  4. i thank you for your kind words your poetry is inspiring and much appreciated, as is your friendship
    Cheers Anonypop

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