Freak Of The Week: May 19 – 25, 2008


This week the Winning Freak is the delightfully brilliant Trisha. The rules of the game were simple. I gave out three words and the contestants were to construct a sentence from them. Her entry showed originality and that certain indefinable something that makes a true Freak of the Week.

He squinted menacingly at me and said “get back in the yurt, bitch, and when I say ‘queef’ dammit, you’d better sound off!

And so now it is time for my little ode to the winner in Rondelet. Congrats Trisha!!!

For Trisha

Out on the farm

Like a deep breath of fresh spring air

Out on the farm

Where a queef will sound no alarm.

Dwells a maiden with golden hair.

Talkin’ Trash from her blogging lair.

Out on the farm.

I hope that everyone will go and visit Trisha and congratulate and get to know her. She is truly one of a kind.


4 Responses to “Freak Of The Week: May 19 – 25, 2008”

  1. *snickers*
    Congrats, Trisha!

  2. OMG! THANK YOU !! I am sooo honored!! You totally made my week!

  3. queef… *giggles*

  4. congrats trisha! Excellent work 🙂

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